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As far as the zodiac signs are concerned, from the end of 2018 to 2019, there are challenges, this is a year of trials, and these tests are to break down the old habits of the zodiac signs, so that they can have a start.

【Knockout, gladly accept】

Scorpio felt the shock brought by Uranus at the end of 2018. Scorpio is in charge of secrets. People don’t want to reveal some information and hide the situation… and Uranus enters Taurus for a year. Dealing with family issues, and having Scorpio dealing with deep-rooted habits, whatever it is, seems like a long shock to Scorpio.

One year, you felt the destruction of your inner trust at work. If you can see through these incidents that you want to improve your trust, then you can grow, and you begin to understand what it means to perform your own duties and distinguish yourself Why should you be responsible, because when you take the responsibility of others on yourself, then no matter whether it is yourself or the other party, you will not be able to fully cooperate and carry out the work, because you will be exhausted, and others will become your victims, so you will be frustrated.

In 2019, you need to arrange your own time to go out on dates, just immerse yourself in work, and you must understand the interest in life and the importance of emotional flow. Single Scorpios have the opportunity to meet someone you admire. Maybe you admired them before and started to know more about opportunities for communication. Some Scorpios will meet a very suitable person, get to know each other, and fall in love.

Because of accepting many external tests, let the internal growth experience, and these tests have not been encountered before, so Scorpio explores in the unknown, and the ability to leap forward.

Neptune is also a water sign Pisces and has been away for several years. Neptune represents the invisible in the human heart, but it represents the exploration and improvement of the body and mind, but the part of Scorpio may not feel much, until 2018. Enter 2018 In December, and starting in 2019, you will receive it, because you have accepted many external tests, and let the inner growth experience, and these tests have not been encountered before, so Scorpio explores in the unknown, and the ability to leap forward.

Around 2019, Scorpio will feel homework in the relationship between themselves, such as: trust, inability, and inability to express ideas directly…, because of various occurrences, reminding Scorpio that they need to be inner and can be independent.

You won the first battle, you can give full play to your strengths, complete some valuable work, and achieve some kind of breakthrough, which may expand your business, financial resources, investment projects, or ways and methods to make a fortune. Had a good start. This greatly increases your social status, qualifications, and income, allowing you to hold some capital and bargaining chips to look forward to the future. You may have completed a major life event in your life, such as getting married, having a child, buying big things, living, spending money on yourself, your loved ones or things you love.

There is no limit to the sea of ​​learning, and people are the mirror. You completely bid farewell to ignorance, books, or people or things you come into contact with every day, and learn a lot of life experience and life knowledge, such as survival skills, business skills, handling skills, and life. You are well-informed. Some acquaintances around you may have a headache and a sense of burden. After October, there may be a positive change. On the road of life, you will become a "driver".

In 2019, you, continue last year's momentum of opening up talents, expanding territories, continue to give full play to your strengths, kill all the way, quickly advance, complete and refine those things that were carried out last year, one by one, realize multiple victories, and secure your pockets. This may mean a new start in your livelihood, and you may have income, or financial resources. It may be that you have conquered the first hurdle on your strategic map, or it may be that you have used the "style of play" on the old battlefield, which has allowed you to achieve a breakthrough and open up a lot of money.

You continue to flex your muscles, start or complete new businesses, financial resources or projects with high gold content, or new ways and methods of work projects, do a big job, earn a lot of money, get a brilliant record, and make a lot of money. Maybe you get qualifications, exams, assessments, appraisals, and awards, which are very "stepping stones" in terms of your career.

Regardless of the above-mentioned tasks, if you work hard, feel handy, feel that it can be beneficial, valuable, or interesting, give you hope, and feel that a single spark can start a prairie fire!

This is a milestone breakthrough in a certain direction of your livelihood, allowing you to realize your own value, increasing your worth, qualifications, income, and wealth, and holding some capital, bargaining chips, and resources at hand, earning the "first" bucket of gold". This is a good start for the next development, which makes you look forward to the future, and feels that a single spark can start a prairie fire! This may mean a change in the direction of your livelihood, a change in your personal values, you have opened up a development path, or a style of play that allows you to "go one foot higher" on the battlefield.

In 2019, you may have one or two large expenses, most of which will improve your life, improve your quality of life, or improve and upgrade your production tools, even a little. At this time, investment tends to be big and risky, so pay close attention to getting it into your pocket before mid-March, and close it when you see it.

In 2019, from March to May, some Scorpios have a bad start, or because of gamblers’ mistakes last year, taking risks, or being ambitious, lazy, and reckless, they will face losses, unemployment, decline in social status, salary cuts, or failure in audits, exams, and illnesses. Problems, investment may lose money.

On the other hand, you have completed a milestone breakthrough this year, not because of some work to make money, but a marked improvement in personal quality or quality of life. Such as major life events, major life plans, childbirth, marriage, small admissions in life, or some "projects" to improve one's own quality or quality of life, such as further studies, college entrance examinations, fitness, or upgrading of large items, children's enrollment, parenting, or cooking skills The big improvement will benefit the physical body, and the body will become more healthy, and the appetite will be better… Sprinkle money on yourself, loved ones or things you love, these will make your life "renew and upgrade".

In 2019, while counting your money and enjoying a high-quality life, you will also experience some "learning" and "polishing", which may be intensive learning, or difficult life practice to polish true knowledge. You see the results of years of hard work, which means that you have completely stepped out of the ivory tower and become a "driver" with knowledge and experience.

If you have made every effort to study and practice intensively in recent years, work hard and earnestly, and read at night with your head hanging from the beam and thorns, acquire useful knowledge, technology, and skills, and specialize in your skills. If you "get true knowledge through practice", a lot of work practice and life experience have been polished, or you have contacted and experienced various people or things in recent years, you will accumulate a lot of knowledge and skills, such as business skills, handling skills, survival skills, and life experience. After September 2019, you may have high-intensity and interesting new courses, or thrilling and wonderful new experiences. At the same time, you have comprehension, thirst for knowledge, open your mind, turn the universe around, and be able to brainstorm and draw inferences from one instance. . Something may happen at this moment, allowing you to see that you have studied hard for many years, or polished the results and achievements in practice for many years, and let you see how much and how much you have worked hard before, and how valuable it is! You have become a "student master" full of knowledge and talents, or a "sophisticated" "driver". Many difficult things are difficult for you. You have a way, and you can make a difference.

If you have spent a lot of time, energy, and effort writing articles in recent years, then 2019 may enter the final chapter, or you will close your pen, or see some iconic products and achievements, which is a good thing for the article to "take root and sprout", such as attracting Formation" friends, such as "exploding" some topics, extreme cases are criticized, destroyed, or cause trouble for themselves. Perhaps on the contrary, after September 2019, your writing will be highly productive or difficult. At this moment, you have a brilliant literary talent. If you write with the help of God, you can write powerful, meaningful, and penetrating articles. The words may be very spicy and "high-energy".

After September, you are well-informed and may start to move around a lot. It can be said that you are busy and non-stop, but you are very comfortable. Or there is an opportunity to go on a business trip or travel, or to meet someone who is a little bit "" when you meet a new face. Most of these are planned before March, and the itinerary is exhausted. Be careful to avoid any dangerous places and occasions, avoid radical remarks, and pay attention to traffic safety. .

You may be "polished" by those around you, acquired and honed.

In recent years, if there are certain acquaintances around you who are not "fuel-efficient lamps" and make you,,, worry, or feel a sense of burden and restraint. In 2019, instead of exacerbating problems and erupting, it can end and come to an end.

These people are your family members, or other people who look up and look up, classmates, colleagues, customers, suppliers, neighbors, downstairs security guards, cleaners and so on. In recent years, you may be responsible for the other party, for example, to strictly control the other party, or to take care of the other party, or to help the other party, or the other party to cause trouble, you are exhausted to solve and put out the fire, or on the contrary, your other party is strictly controlled, Whip, keep an eye on, and abide by the "rules"; there may be times when some of you have a tense relationship and dislike, or the other party is "", very "", or you have very hostile interests, walking on thin ice… In 2019, These problems will intensify and explode, very, very, once make you feel aggrieved, lead to direct conflicts, toss in the two months at the end of the year, and extra problems will arise.

If in the past two years you have faced it head-on, you have been "grinded", acquired a little handling and coping skills, or you have become "good at being a human being", then in 2019, you will not be as shrinking, restrained, When the pressure is overwhelming, it will be quickly resolved, resolved, ended, or eliminated by itself. This is a positive, natural consequence. Some relationships may become very important and "iron" because they have been "grinded" before, because of this "" or because of "no acquaintance", establish a formal relationship, and become your close friend, partner, partner, etc. .

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[Analysis of the overall fortune of the 12 constellations in 2019! 】Scorpio throws away stubborn ideas…

2019 Horoscope – Scorpio: Test your ability to improve, pay attention to details

After October, there may be some gatherings, changes, and some variables.

You may have mentioned earlier that those acquaintances quickly established relationships, or cooperated in depth, and had a hot fight. Vibrant relationships are formed, and people in love have the opportunity to make a perfect match. Once the relationship has been twisted and turned, it may suddenly be resolved. You may learn from the painful experience and say goodbye quickly to those who drain your energy and have nothing to do with it. Goodbye, goodbye.

If you have purposefully "managed" the relationship around you over the years, you have been exhausted for a while. In 2019, you may see the results of years of hard work, and you may have in-depth cooperation, or these contacts have extended your contacts, and you have brought multiple wins, opportunities, and "ways". After September, how benign will the people around you be, you may meet quality, or interesting new relationships, circles, you are good at dancing, look around, some of them are very "" people.

There may be unexpected developments in the two months at the end of the year. Some Scorpios will experience more "welcome and send" during this period, and some people will suddenly appear and disappear like a whirlwind. Some Scorpio people will gather and disperse, gather less and leave more.

Born in 1988-1990, Scorpio, you are a group of people with a sense of release, completion, and concentration. You have accumulated a lot of life experience and experience in life over the years. In 2019, even if you face peace and conflict, other Scorpios will respond quickly and easily. Compared with other Scorpio faces, breakups, and separations, you may establish a long-term relationship at this time.

1953-1955, 1982-1985 Scorpio, you are a group of people who seek stability and what you want, with endurance and perseverance. You experience other Scorpios in 2019, even if there may be conflicts.

Scorpio students should ask more questions and avoid slamming.

You have the ability to learn at the moment, have curiosity, comprehension, penetrating three points, become a master of learning, and a top learner. You are very motivated, study and take exams, and you can get satisfactory results. Be careful not to cheat, otherwise you will be very caught up. Certain courses, lots of reading, and very, very time consuming. Now is your rapid growth and development period, you will have a good appetite and meat, but you will have minor illnesses and pains, and toss. You may go away with some close friends and lovers, or have a heated fight, or say goodbye to some close friends and family members, and have conflicts. You may make friends, some of whom become your long-term friends as adults. Pay attention to safety when traveling.

Scorpio elders should harvest, avoid.

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Scorpio horoscope for 2019

November 2019 Zodiac Horoscope: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, have the opportunity to see clearly…

Some acquaintances around you make you feel trapped, tormented, and burdened. You may have to bear heavy responsibilities for them, and it was very tossing for a time; Either way, this year, or next year at the latest, these problems will end or transform, and you may say goodbye, farewell, or problem resolution. This year you live a very full and strong life, and you may have financial resources, or a large sum of money, but you will spend money, most of which are practical expenses, and you feel it is worth it. You may spend more time on sports, cooking, improving your own system, and improving your quality of life, very much. Be careful not to overuse your body.

Scorpio, born in 1958-1960, can have a circle of relatives and friends and close relationships at this moment, and will not feel that after years of hard work, he has become a master of the game, and now others are too much.

There are endless misunderstandings between friends due to contact mistakes. Any invitation itinerary must be confirmed in detail, and don’t over-trust your own memory. It is the best way to write it down in black and white, or record it in the calendar software. Many long-lost friends reappear in life, and old lovers may be in touch. This month, I have the opportunity to see people's hearts clearly. Those who have delivered, get equal treatment and friendship, know that I feel shocked and disappointed, but I am glad that there is an opportunity to draw a stop loss point.

Venus transits Sagittarius this month and enters Capricorn on 11/26, plus retrograde Neptune returns to direct motion on 11/27. In the first half of this month, it seems that all levels have regained prosperity. The economy is recovering, and all industries are ready to go. After the middle of the month, you will feel the harsh winter. The financial crisis emerges one after another, and the anticipation mentality causes the consumption power to shrink. In life, regardless of food, clothing, housing and transportation, various retro elements occupy the stage.

In the past period of time, seeing that the harvest time is coming, the final correction and adjustment is still needed this month. Being able to take into account the goals and meet the current actual situation can make the work results tend to be better. Colleagues will be grateful if you take all the work on yourself, but feel that Scorpio is too authoritarian. If everyone has room to play and maintain popularity in the workplace, it is a display of commanding leadership.

If you have a property purchase plan, you have the opportunity to find something exciting this month. Don't rush to make a decision. Visit the surrounding environment during the day and night. Under the weather conditions, you should go to check it. Chatting with the administrator or neighbors can help us make rational judgments. Rearranging the home decoration, purchasing additional household items, or replacing the furniture at a small cost, and placing beautiful flowers in the room can make the whole environment feel completely new. When the atmosphere of the living space is completely different, the family will be harmonious.

Interpersonal aspects are full of stimulation and tension, and lovers are so passionate that they may quarrel in an instant because of a beautiful word. This month, I have the opportunity to learn a lot of investment and financial information. I am happy to see you. If you want to make money but invest in unfamiliar fields, the consequences will not be as expected. Refer to the analysis of professionals and make a good layout, and you will be able to get satisfactory results in the future.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, due to differences of opinion, quarrels and disputes arise, because the two parties are willing to bow their heads and stalemate, which becomes the breaking point of friendship. If you can understand the low-key and submerged wisdom, you can survive the shock of this month safely. In terms of investment, pay attention to the market pulse, and it is possible to reach a high point of profit, but there will be extreme changes in an instant. Pay close attention to and adjust the layout to obtain the best profit.

Single twins, in various gatherings, through the introduction of friends, have the opportunity to meet new people who can chat. What will happen in the future is still a conclusion, but it is a happy thing to be able to meet one more friend. The undercurrent of wrestling in the workplace is turbulent, and colleagues covet Gemini positions or resources and will use bright means. You can't do harm to people's hearts, but you can't do without this old saying. This month, I want to remind myself to pay attention.

The turmoil and pressure in daily life make Cancers swallow sweat and tears in their stomachs. Insomnia is a trivial matter, which will hinder the body and mind. Confidently pour out your thoughts and close friends, you can vent your heart and let yourself smile again. At work, you can get the attention of your boss, fight for it, show your accumulated strength in the workplace, and have the opportunity to take on important responsibilities and leap onto the stage.

In terms of work, when delivering business projects, you may have the opportunity to get in touch with senior executives, and proceed with caution and a low-key attitude. If you can successfully complete this task and improve your self-ability, you will be able to leave a good impression on your bosses. There is an indescribably competitive atmosphere mixed with jealousy and envy among friends. When friends comment on things or others, you need to be careful when dealing with them.

Travel this month, whether it is a trip to visit historical sites or a mountaineering activity that requires physical strength, can forget about work pressure and regain the vitality of fighting. It should be noted that, please control your expenses during the process, so as not to feel a little pain when you receive the bill next month. In the workplace, avoid being instigated by colleagues and become a bird who helps others fight injustices. Mastering the wisdom of doing things in a low-key manner and being a harmonious person can make yourself calm.

Feeling the financial strain caused by income and expenditure, making money is full of enthusiasm and motivation. Hearing that there is an opportunity to make money, he will change his personality, and he will be excited and eager to try. Under such pressure, if you swipe your credit card to shop randomly in the name of relieving stress, it will cause a vicious circle. On the contrary, take this opportunity to carefully examine your past consumption habits, get rid of unnecessary expenses, and cultivate the concept of buying good things, so that you can enjoy high-quality goods in the future Life.

With the close influence of the ruling planet Saturn and Pluto, all aspects of Capricorn's life will be tested. The challenge in the first half of the year was just a mock exam, and now is the time to start the exam. At this time, family members become a strong and powerful backer for Capricorn. No matter how frustrated you are in the learning environment or the workplace, returning to a warm home can let go of all kinds of frustration and regain the strength of self-affirmation.

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