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In physiognomy, Guanlu Palace is located on the forehead, which represents a person's status, fame and intelligence. If there is a mole here, most of these people are brainy, with precise and unique vision, consider problems, and have excellent observation and judgment. And have a big picture, leadership, and get help from noble people in career. However, most of these people have personality, self-esteem, and like to be controlled and restrained by others, so they are suitable for education or charity-related work!

Yintang is located between the two eyebrows, and in physiognomy, it is called the Palace of Fate, which represents a person's heart and destiny. If a person has a mole in the Yintang Department, most of these people are brains, but they have a strong heart and magnanimity, a strong personality, like to be restrained, conceited in their own minds and abilities, and look down on others, so interpersonal relationships are not good, and dealing with emotional problems is entangled, falling into a triangle In a relationship, feelings!

Life in this world, but for wise people, the road to life will go much better. The study of moles is a research knowledge that has been pondered by generations for thousands of years. The appearance of moles can predict some opportunities. In this article, we will analyze a few moles that represent wisdom. People with moles on several parts are extremely intelligent. If they can make good use of their talents, they can make their careers go smoothly, make money prosperous, and make men rich and women noble.

The external orifices of the ears and kidneys represent a person's kidney qi and IQ in physiognomy. If a mole is located in the middle of a person's ear, the mole is called a "mole". Most people with this mole have brains, IQ, and consider things rationally and comprehensively. Moreover, most of these people have kidney qi, physical fitness, and a long life. However, if a woman has a mole here, it is often lucky for her husband and not very good for her relationship!

The chin is called Dige in physiognomy, which represents a person's luck for descendants, fortune, and old age. If a person's chin is full and round or fleshy, this kind of person will be blessed later and live in his later years. If this kind of chin has a bright black round auspicious mole, this kind of person is serious in work, intelligent, talented in entrepreneurship and business, capable of creating and accumulating wealth, can save a lot of real estate, and will be blessed and rich in his later years!

The forehead part is called Tianzhong in physiognomy, and it is called Guanlu Palace, which represents a person's wealth status, ancestral foundation and lifetime fortune status. If the celestial court is full and there is an auspicious mole on the top of the center, this kind of person has a brain and eyesight, belongs to the mental category, considers problems comprehensively, is good at dealing with elders or superiors, and has a rich family business. Tuotu, good fortune in career and fortune, and good luck for life!

The legs represent a person's mobility and endurance, while the knees represent a person's sense of responsibility. If there is a mole on the right knee, it means heterosexuality, late marriage, and life after marriage. A mole on the left knee represents work ability, interpersonal relationship, and success in career. If it is a mole on the back of the knee, this kind of person is hardworking, studious, capable of managing money, can earn money from time to time, good luck for children and grandchildren, and will never worry about money in his later years!

Zygomatic nevus represents power and status in the workplace, such as Rainie Yang, most of them can become a manager.

Eyebrows are five-element wood, moles inside the eyebrows contain pearls hidden in the grass, and gold is hidden inside the eyebrows. This kind of person has the characteristics of being quick-witted and knowledgeable. He has his own thoughts and opinions on some things, and he will not follow the trend. He is good at using his own talents to capture Ordinary people can't see the opportunity, but they can find the key to wealth and make themselves rich. This kind of people with moles have a prosperous love life. They need to know how to cultivate their self-cultivation and self-cultivation on a daily basis, and they should not get too involved with the love life. They are married and fall into a love situation. It is conducive to improving wealth and prosperity of the family.

Ears represent people's fortune, wealth, longevity, and people. This kind of talent is kind, can make use of strengths and avoid weaknesses, and has learning ability. Being successful in your career or being full of peaches and plums makes you famous all over the world. There is a mole on the right helix or earlobe. Sensitive thinking, meticulous, financial industry will have development, wealth.

People with moles on the coccyx live in good health and knowledge. They can be described as talented and intelligent. They have unique vision and have developed politically or in the market. If you become an official and become an official, you will make some achievements in the field of literature, energy and literature.

Before starting the analysis, you need to judge whether your mole is a lucky mole or a dead mole. Generally speaking, auspicious nevus is characterized by bright color, bulge, and long hair. Dead moles represent dark brown or dark black in color, but the color is dull and dull.

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With seven "smart moles" on your body, you can earn and save money, have many noble people around you, and live a lifetime of wealth!

Five "late blessing" moles on the body, smart and capable, promising children, getting richer with age!

If you have an auspicious mole with a center on the top of your head like Ah Sa Cai Zhuoyan, it means that you will have noble people to help you when you encounter difficulties, or you will have no worries about food and clothing after birth, and have the inherent living conditions.

If you have "beads hidden in your eyebrows" like Gillian Chung Xintong, it means that for you, men hold power and women can prosper and benefit children.

This means that you are very rich and wealthy, and the representative figure is Xue Jiayan, the mother of Jiayan.

This means that you have the opportunity to go out and meet noble people, which is conducive to the development of going out. People with this auspicious mole are suitable for going abroad and immigrating.

Zygomatic nevus represents power and status in the workplace, such as Rainie Yang, most of them can become a manager.

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People with moles on these parts are very smart!

20 lucky positions for auspicious moles + identification of dead moles

A mole on the upper lip means worrying about food and clothing. Not only can you enjoy delicious food for a lifetime, but someone invites you to eat. For example, mainland actor Li Qian has this mole.

It means doing things thoughtfully and gaining the trust of others.

There are auspicious people around the chin, and there are many fields and buildings, which means that they will have subordinates to help them.

A mole on the back of the neck represents power, backing and backing. On the contrary, moles on the front of the neck will attract villains. If you are a girl, a mole on the left side of your neck represents it, and a mole on the right represents it.

A mole on the front of the shoulder represents hard work, and a mole on the back of the shoulder represents responsibility in doing things.

Moles on breasts represent good luck and rich emotions, such as Coffee Lin Qianyu and Miriam Yeung.

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