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1. People born on this day are healthy and cheerful, so they are respected and loved by others. In terms of dealing with people, you should do good deeds, and encourage and encourage others, so that your virtues can spread to others and you can accumulate merit yourself.

2. The fortune in the middle age is ordinary, and although there is no outstanding performance in academic and career development, it can go smoothly and smoothly.

05:00–07:00 You always feel lucky, your ability is based on religious belief, and you are very related to religion.

23:00–01:00 In your life, if you want to make great achievements, you must put in ordinary efforts.

01:00–03:00 You, only work, speculate, and live.

03:00–05:00 You are busy all day long, but your life is still poor, and your family business will be better in your later years.

August 7th (Qixi Festival): As Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival is one of the most popular days for marriage registration.

07:00–09:00 You are always doing things, but God will not always treat you badly. In middle and old age, your career will advance by leaps and bounds and you will earn money.

09:00–11:00 In your life, you don’t have any ideals, so let’s count it from day to day, but there will always be a day when all hardships will be rewarded.

11:00–13:00 It is difficult for you to do other things, but you are destined to Buddha, accept Buddhist culture, you are helpful, good luck can be expected.

13:00–15:00 Your middle-aged and elderly people have a lot of luck than when they were accumulated in the early years.

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March 15, 2019, Lunar Calendar, February 10 (Friday), Pisces

March 15, 2019 almanac query

15:00–17:00 You, luck will change in middle age, patience in the early stage is.

As for the temperature, May and October are the annual wedding months. In addition, there are some popular wedding dates to note:

February 14th Valentine's Day: The popular Western Valentine's Day is out of the singles, meaning, so many couples will choose this day as their wedding anniversary.

May 20th: Because 520 is a homonym for "I love you", getting married on May 20th is a confession for the other party, and many couples choose to register their marriage on this day.

August 7th (Qixi Festival): As Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival is one of the most popular days for marriage registration.

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October 10th: October 10th has the meaning of "perfect", so who is the newcomer who gets the certificate on this day?

November 11: Although this day is called "Singles' Day", it has the meaning of "love one person for a lifetime". Many people choose this day to spread their dog food.

OK, the above auspicious dates are for reference only. The editor knows that marriage is about two people who agree with each other. As long as you meet someone, every day is that day.

Encyclopedia sister is long-winded….The wedding date is set, and the wedding celebration is confirmed about half a year in advance. It is a five-star good day to get married. Baby, what about the four kings~

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